The majority of sexual problems are caused by a mixture of physical and psychological factors. Therefore, my treatment approach is an integrated treatment programme that combines specialist medical and psychotherapeutic interventions to achieve the best outcomes.

I am an expert in dealing with sexual problems of all degrees of complexity; however, my particular expertise is helping people with complex and enduring sexual difficulties associated with chronic physical and mental health conditions.

I have worked as an NHS consultant psychiatrist and am head of the national psychosexual service at the Maudsley Hospital since 2009, where I lead a team of doctors and psychologists and oversee treatment of over 200 patients.

Common sexual difficulties I can help with:

  • Lack or loss of sexual desire
  • Sexual aversion
  • Difficulties with achieving and mainlining erection 
  • Premature, retarded ejaculation and non-ejaculation
  • Painful sex (vaginismus and dyspareunia)
  • Anorgasmia
  • Hypersexual disorder / sexual addiction
  • Other disorders related to sexuality and sexual functioning
  • Intimate relationship disharmony 
  • Psychological or physical problems following sexual abuse or violence (psychosexual rehabilitation)
  • Problematic sexual preferences that could result in physical or emotional damage to patient and/or their sexual partner(s)